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KSC/KMS Development Programs

Important Dates

2024-2025 Subject to Change

Sunday October 20

Strength and Conditioning Programs begin at KMS 10 am - 12 pm, ages 8+

Additional days include:  Sundays October 27 and November 3. 


Friday October 11

KSC/KMS Annual Golf Tournament at Killington Golf Course

Friday October 11 - Sunday October 13

Killington Ski Club Swap

Sunday October 13
KSC/KMS Annual Columbus Day Weekend Hike at 9 a.m. to the top of Killington followed by refreshments and activities at the Open House at the Killington Mountain School Campus. Open to all Parents, athletes and friends of KMS.  Parent Symposium at 1 p.m at KMS.

Saturday, December 7
Training begins for All Programs except Future Stars 


Saturday, December 14
First day for Future Stars 

We are so excited to welcome you for the 2024-2025 Season! 

​We hope that this note finds everyone well and that you’re enjoying the last few weeks of summer before school returns. Fall will be here soon and everyone will be getting ready for a new winter season!

We’ve opened up registration for the KSC/KMS Development Programs in anticipation of the upcoming 2024-2025 ski season.

We are looking forward to providing your athletes with the highest quality instruction and developmental experience this season as you have come to expect from our programs.  

We will continue to communicate with everyone as the season approaches.  We look forward to a great fall as we prepare for the winter. ​

The KSC/KMS Development Programs offer a variety of seasonal ski and snowboard programs for athletes over a broad range of ages, abilities and snow sports disciplines.  We are in the business of developing young, well-rounded athletes who are pursuing their love of the sport through training and competition.

The KSC/KMS coaching staff supports and sustains each athlete with instruction, information and encouragement while teaching athletes how to safely enjoy on-mountain snow sports. Our professional coaches accomplish this in an atmosphere of fun, safety, self-reliance and good sportsmanship. These programs develop competitive athletes who are shaped by the ideals of athleticism and who are inspired by a lifelong love of their sports.

​These programs are the primary development pipelines for the Killington Mountain School. The KMS alpine, freestyle, freeski, and snowboard program directors offer guidance and provide on-snow curricula to assist the KSC/KMS development programs. 

The Killington Ski Club provides a home on the mountain for families, athletes and program staff, as well as support for the programs, adult ski programs and social activities.

The Future Stars program for athletes 6-9 years of age will focus on developing fundamental skills in a fun and challenging environment on Killington Mountain. Future Stars introduces each athlete to a range of snow sports disciplines offered by KSC/KMS Development Programs while building strong fundamental skills. 

​Acquiring a strong fundamental skill base in this program will allow your child to develop skills for reaching his or her personal potential and achieve athletic excellence in his or her sport of choice. In the process, your child will learn about his or her potential, friendships and sportsmanship while developing a passion for a lifelong sport. The program is based around on-snow technical training and participation in competition events within the specific program descriptions throughout the course of the season.

​The away competitions will require additional memberships in the organizations listed on the program pages. For those athletes who wish to pursue more competition in USSS, VARA events, Eastern Freestyle events, or USASA events, please choose the discipline-specific competitive program.

​Opening Days of the KSC/KMS Development Programs

  • Friday October 11: KMS/KSC  Annual Golf Tournament

  • Friday October 11 - Sunday October 13: Killington Ski Swap Weekend 

  • Sunday October 13: KSC/KMS Annual Columbus Day Weekend Hike at 9 a.m. to the top of Killington Mountain followed by refreshments and activities at the Open House at the Killington Mountain School Campus. Open to all Parents, athletes and friends of KMS. 

  • Sunday October 13: We will be offering a Parent Symposium at 1 p.m. at KMS.  More information to follow.

  • Saturday, December 7: Training begins for All Programs except Future Stars

  • Saturday, December 14: First day for Future Stars

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Chuck Hughes

Development Program Director


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